Colegio Británico de Guadalajara

About us


We are a bilingual school with a humanist philosophy. Our methodology and education model have positioned us as a high academic performance school. We offer extended schedule, Healthy cafeteria, Extracurricular activities and Homework clubs providing our families with more time flexibility and our students a pleasant and integral educative experience. Our school is in an excellent location with highly secure installations to ensure the integrity of our students and teachers.


We are a leading school in education quality, with a humanist philosophy that integrates happiness in all of our processes.


To be a school that provides integral education that transcends with no boundaries.


* Respect * Honesty * Responsibility * Justice * Solidarity * Identity * Humility


We are a consolidated school with 47 years of experience. The school was founded in august of 1975, by Dr. Bernabé Martínez Villalpando (deceased) in order to answer the need for a bilingual school in the southwest area of Guadalajara being a pioneer on this kind of educative vision. This is why we became pioneers in the use of multiple intelligences, work by proficiency and top-notch technology all of this with a humanist approach, but above all else: happy students. Due to the growth of our school in 1994, we came into the necessity of translating our preschool installations into a different location, now located in la Morena street one block away from our main campus. Since the beginning our main focus has always been directed toward the students. We are certain that with this noble labor we  contribute with our grain of sand for our beloved MÉXICO. We know that through high level education and solid values, each generation will leave a long-lasting mark in our society.