Oferta Académica

Happy and responsible children with learning skills

Our education model is based in the development of cognitive learning and thinking skills in Spanish and English, through the use of multiple intelligences and technological tools. We put special emphasis on the enjoyment of math and love for reading. We’re certified against bullying. We respect different cultures and differences between people. The internationality of our students brings a favorable environment for our social international skills. We specially work in developing humanitarian virtues to be positive influences in the student’s families and the civil society.


Curricular purpose

1. Mobilize each and every one of our potentialities to innovate and create learning environments with context diversity.
2. Generate in our students the opportunity to learn how to learn.
3. Recognize the characteristics, needs and interests of our students and their environment.
4. Develop different strategies of teacher intervention which allow them to work simultaneously with students of different ages and school grades.

Monday to Friday: Elementary entrance time: 7:20 a.m..

Minor elementary dismissal: 1:40 p.m.
Major elementary dismissal: 2:10 p.m.

*Optional: We offer the option of extended schedule until 5:00 p.m. (Please refer to the “extracurricular activities” section).



Our students live full school days in English to reinforce their comprehension and reproduction skills through immersion, music, mind maps and teamwork.


We strive to develop cognitive and decision skills, especially critical thinking, that will allow the student to face successfully middle school education.


Students exercise mathematic skills daily on the classroom to promote logical reasoning potentializing problem solving and abstraction skills.


: We foster the enjoyment of reading in order to develop in our student cognitive, retention and abstraction skills, achieving the full use of oral and written language.


We show the achievements and completed homework to promote in our students the desire to improve.


We offer robotics with LEGO and computer classes.

Actividades extracurriculares

Las actividades extracurriculares brindan a los estudiantes la oportunidad para desarrollarse de manera integral.









Our students live full school days in English to reinforce their comprehension and reproduction skills through immersion, music, mind maps and teamwork.


Our students have the chance to graduate with a b1 OXFORD certification, which shows the high language proficiency.

Our Education model has four transversal and integrator axes in the teaching/learning model:

1.      Develop multiple intelligences. – this section contains 8 intelligences. For its evolution we work upon different activities to allow the student to act, solve and create problems to create products and be useful in society.

2.      Cooperative learning: This methodology pretends the active participation of the student in his or her learning process through cooperation, shared responsibility and mutual help towards one another.

3.      Technologies for information and communication – TIC: We use the TICs in different areas to potentialize a double learning, attending diversity and a collective and collaborative learning experience. All of this helps the students make use of this didactic resources and to adapt to this new reality of learning.

Education in values: We want our students to learn that the school is a social space in which one can learn and coexist.


Having computational skills is crucial for every student. The correct use of hardware and software helps obtaining practical and intellectual skills that allow them to solve everyday problems inside and outside of the school. We foster the knowledge of these tools to obtain an international certification in Microsoft Office.



We use classes of lego assembly and robotics to promote creative and logic skills as well as teamwork and project planning. This activities are supported by the use of logical mathematical, kinesthetic, spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal and linguistic intelligences.

* ELEMENTARY: Office automation (Creation and format of text documents, spreadsheets and slideshows)
* Simple machines assembly (1st and 2nd)
* Complex and motorized machines assembly (3rd and 4th)
* Robotic and automatic machines assembly (5th and 6th)
* Programming routines by blocks (introduction to programming – 5th and 6th )

Spanish and English languages are consolidated. Starting on 6th grade French is integrated to the academic load. Use and progressive advancements towards digital competition. Oxford certification level B1. The student is able to express his or her capacities.

The graduated student from elementary will have the necessary knowledge to create text documents with a professional format, as well as basic notion in calculus and formulas in tables with rows and columns as well as design striking slideshows using concepts such as typography, color palettes, effects, etc.

Hey also acquire skills in logic and assembly of mechanical models to facilitate and/or automate processes to make human labors more efficient.


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